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New Zealand Wintec Visited Our School for a Deeper Cooperation in the Next Ten Years

New Zealand Wintec Visited Our School for a Deeper Cooperation in the Next Ten Years

On May 6th afternoon, with the breeze blowing, our school welcomed the international director Jason and his delegation from New Zealand Waikato Institute of Technology. His delegation included the dean of Business department Simon Peel, the dean of IT department Aaron Steele, chief director of Chinese project Walley Qiu and the director of Chinese office Sarah Dong. The guests were companied by Serene Qiu who was the director of the Chinese project in the South China area. Our principal Huang Jianhang and vice principal Lu Shuhong received them with enthusiasm. The two sides had a deep discussion and communication on international cooperation project in the meeting room on the 15th floor in the synthesis building. Deputy chief of the teaching affairs office Zhang Lixin, director of the international department Zhang Jianghong, finance teacher Wang Zhi and computer teacher Wu Yan also attended the meeting.

In the discussion meeting, principal Huang Jianhang first gave a speech. He showed welcome to the visitors. He said that the two institutes had cooperated for many years and had a relationship as relatives. They had a deep friendship. He greatly approved and supported the cooperation project of the two institutes. Principal Huang mentioned that during his visit to Wintec last year he met the leaders of the institute and the overseas students from our school for which he felt pleased and gratified sincerely. Then, he expressed his hope for the bright future of the cooperation project.


Mr.Jason expressed his thankfulness for the warm welcome from our teachers and students. He said that the second visit to our school made him feel like going home. He took our school as the most important cooperation partner. The purpose of this trip was to discuss about the development plan of the cooperation project for the next ten years. Jason stated that he hoped that the two sides could strengthen their close cooperation. Besides the mutual visits of the high-level personnel, they could have more mutual visits of the teachers and training projects. And they could also enlarge their cooperation to more fields and more levels.


The international cooperation project of our school has been developing stably. In order to push forward the cooperation between the two institutes, the director of our international department Zhang Jianghong gave a report about the current condition of the international cooperation project. Statistics showed that in the early February of this year twelve students from our international class went to Wintec to study smoothly. Wintec also sent teachers to our school regularly to provide training on business for our teachers and give language tests to the international students. Director Zhang expressed his thankfulness for Wintec’s effort in pushing forward the development of the cooperation project. He hoped that the cooperation between the two sides could develop continuously and soundly.


Twelve years’ cooperation between the two sides has been very pleasant. Vice principal Lu Shuhong said that our school had attached great importance to the project. We had invested a lot in enrollment, faculty training and teaching arrangement. Wintec had also given support in faculty training and teaching communication. Then, teacher Wu Yan and Wang Zhi had communication with Dean Aaron and Simon on professional teaching and curriculum setting.


In the part of free discussion, the attendants talked freely and put forward some constructive opinions. These opinions were good for the two sides to adjust and revise the cooperation project and make it adapted to the changes of times and policies and develop towards the positive direction.


After the meeting, under the lead of vice principal Lu Shuhong, the guests visited the finance training rooms and computer& internet training rooms of our school. They watched the training of our contestants for the national skills competition and were stunned by the skills of our students.


In the big environment of economic globalization, internationalization of education is an evitable trend. Our school will actively push forward the development of international cooperation project. We will strive to provide Shenzhen students with convenient and qualified studying paths, a platform for their dreams to fly and chances to go to the world!

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