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Our Higher Vocational Professional College Officially Opened

At 10 o’clock on Oct.10th, the meeting room in the synthesis building of our school was filled with happy atmosphere. With the opening of the big red curtain by the deputy director Zhu Dijian of Shenzhen education bureau, principal Yang Xinbin and vice principal Dong Chaojun of Shenzhen Polytechnic and our principal Huang Jianhang, the higher vocational professional college jointly held by Shenzhen Polytechnic and our school was officially founded.



Deputy Director Zhu Dijian addressed a speech


Deputy director Zhu Dijian stated that organizing the higher vocational pilot classes is a big opportunity for the five secondary vocational schools. The higher vocational pilot class is an important path for the five secondary vocational schools’ development in the direction of higher vocational colleges and their mergence of secondary vocational education and higher vocational education. It is also an important measure for raising the whole level of Shenzhen vocational education and promoting Shenzhen Polytechnic to get higher achievements. He hoped that under the lead of Shenzhen Polytechnic, the five secondary vocational schools could upgrade their teaching, student management and so on.



He addressed that, with the reputation of being Qinghua and Beking in the field of vocational education, Shenzhen Polytechnic has been known as a flag of Chinese higher vocational education and a name card of Shenzhen college education for 26 years since its foundation. It has provided strong support in talents and intelligence for Shenzhen economic social development.


At last, he expressed his hope that these secondary vocational schools could seize the opportunities, raise their sense of responsibilities, honor and mission and run the higher vocational classes well so that they could cultivate more skilled talents of high quality for our country and our social economic development.


Address of principal Yang Xinbin


Principal Yang Xinbin of Shenzhen Polytechnic stated that the pilot class of higher vocational professional college is a strategic task of national vocational education. Shenzhen Polytechnic ought to take lead to raise its political position, successfully complete the construction of higher vocational professional college and the designated recruitment and counterpart assistance work for Yunnan Zhaotong region.



In addition, Shenzhen Polytechnic should increase the work force, overcome the work difficulties and set up the quality supervision system. He said that they need to make sure that every student walking out from Shenzhen Polytechnic has excellent quality. In the mean time, Shenzhen Polytechnic ought to do the student management work well and strengthen the humanistic care.


At last, he hoped to build up a resource sharing system with Shenzhen secondary vocational schools. “We are all in the same battle field.” he said. Shenzhen Polytechnic could cooperate fully with the secondary vocational schools in the fields of students’ skill competition and teaching research, etc.


Principal Huang Jianhang addressed as a representative


Then, our principal Huang Jianhang delivered a speech on behalf of the five secondary vocational schools. He first expressed his thankfulness to Guangdong education department and Shenzhen education bureau for their great trust and support and assigning the higher vocational professional pilot classes to the five schools.


Principal Huang held the opinion that the higher vocational professional college was a new thing and it was an important exploration and practice of further perfecting the vocational education system and talent cultivation paths. Hence, it was a big challenge as well as a great opportunity for the secondary vocational schools. For a long time, the uprising paths of the secondary vocational students had been greatly restrained. On one side we need to have internal development, on the other side excellent vocational education system will play a big part. And the higher vocational professional college provides the secondary vocational students with broader developing space and platform.  


At last, principal Huang showed his attitude on behalf of the leaders of the five secondary vocational schools. He stated that under the strong lead of the education bureau and with the guidance of Shenzhen Polytechnic, they would take courage to go first and try first and play a demonstrating and leading role in the national vocational education reform and the construction of Shenzhen socialist pilot demonstration zone.


Our school will try our best to assemble the manpower, material resources, financial resources and intelligence and overcome all the difficulties. We will manage the higher vocational professional college with high quality and cultivate the students of the pilot classes with the quality cultivation standard not lower or even higher than that of the main campus. We will reassure the party and the government and satisfy the people.

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